If you haven’t moved to HTTPS by now, you’re going to get left behind

If you haven’t heard already, it’s time to move ALL your WordPress sites over to HTTPS … and build EVERY new website with it from the start. Simply put: If you haven’t moved to HTTPS by now, you’re going to get left behind.

Here are 4 compelling reasons to move your WordPress website to HTTPS:

  1. SECURITY — SSL protects your site’s data and your website visitors. It encrypts data transferred over the web, like form submissions and credit card transactions.
  2. SEO — Google says it’s time to move your sites over to HTTPS. They are now giving a search ranking boost to secure sites. Simply put, you’ll rank better with an HTTPS website.
  3. E-COMMERCE —If you’re taking any payments on your website, SSL is non-negotiable. SSL is an absolute must for e-commerce and membership websites.
  4. AFFORDABILITY — In the past, SSL certificates could get expensive, but the rapidly transforming web landscape has made switching to SSL practical and affordable.

But here’s the deal … most of us (me included) don’t know where to start and how to move to HTTPS without messing things up. You could potentially break your website, experience downtime or lose important analytics data if you do it incorrectly. 

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